Shale Boom Kaboom


Depending on who you listen to, the shale boom is either dead, dying, or no one knows for sure.  That sort of uncertainty bodes poorly for investors, just when Europe says it needs $48 Trillion in new Euro investment focused on shale production to keep on its lights.

Complexity arising from credit risks, interest rates, technology advances, and foreign policies of the US, Russia, and China keep estimates of how the US shale production will increase.  The bulls still expect significant advances in the US over the next two decades, surpassing most other oil producers.  http://www.foxbusiness...

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Pizza In the Sky For You


If you live in northern Russia and see or hear a drone overhead, someone might just have ordered a Dodo Pizza from Fyodor Ovhinnikov.  At least for the moment, delivery drones with video cameras and a pizza-dropping machine put the package in the customer’s hands every time from an altitude of about 30 meters.

You’re out of luck, however, if you live in the US.  Laws there have passed to ban drones altogether in 400 national parks.  Apparently drones in the parks bother mountain sheep, so in typical American style, the drone enthusiasts who love photographing many national sights ha...

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Alleged Drug Lord Jose Diaz-Barajas Arrested in Brazil

BarajasWith dominant DEA assistance, police in Brazil arrested and started the process to extradite alleged drug lord Jose Diaz-Barajas for prosecution in the US.  Barajas traveled under his own name with wife and two sons to attend the World Cup soccer match between Mexico, Barajas’ home team, and Brazil.

Judge Mello, a Brazilian judge, issued the arrest warrant, using DEA testimony in affidavits to justify that warrant.


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$5.3 Trillion Daily in FX By Big Banks Again Under Investigation

FX-businessBoth the British and US governments that fined big world banks $6 Billion for collusion and antitrust misconduct about 5 years ago are once again rattling the cages of big world banks, now armed with stronger legal footing.  The potential fines this time may top $36 Billion.  And what’s the source of the damning evidence?  Chat room transcripts!

Every day the foreign exchange of currencies, a largely unregulated business, handles over US$5.3 Trillion worth of money.  The closest the world governments come to regulating this, the largest business in the world, is through new laws against anti-competitive conduct under various antitrust schemes...

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Irish Judge Temporarily Leaves FB/NSA in Safe Harbor

EU-CourtEver since Facebook (FB) set up its European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, the Irish courts have been hit with lawsuits against FB, one alleging that FB illegally shared its data about social connections with the US National Security Agency (NSA).  Today an Irish High Court judge, Gerard Hogan, temporarily ruled that current European Union (EU) rules grant a safe harbor to FB.  That means whether or not FB shared data with NSA, there’s no way to investigate it.  However, the judge also noted that the current Safe Harbor rules might soon cease to be in effect if changes occur in the fundamental law of the EU, which appear to be in the process of political change now.

The Irish case has been bumped up...

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AI Appointed To Board of Deep Knowledge Adventures

VITALThe Hong Kong-based venture capitalist firm Deep Knowledge Adventures has appointed the artificial intelligence system VITAL (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences) to its board of directors.  The robot VITAL, developed and owned by Aging Analytics UK, has been licensed for use by Deep Knowledge to help make decisions about geriatric disease treatments and medications.

In a Reuters interview, corporate governance guru   Lucy Marcus   implied that the appointment may be merely a publicity stunt, but at the same time the software’s superior performance of data management, outcome modeling, and due diligence inquiries offers valuable advanta...

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TMall by Alibaba to Hit US Markets Today

AlibabaComAlibaba Holding Group Ltd today has opened its first direct-to-consumer e-commerce operation in the USA.  Called the TMall business model by Alibaba (the T stands for Taobao), Alibaba lets merchants directly sell to consumers, similar to the way EBay and Amazon already market in the USA.  The chief distinction for Alibaba is that its merchants set up their own store fronts and handle all of their own logistics, selling, shipping, and related operations, while for a small fee Alibaba handles the payments end of transactions.

11MainIn the USA, the Alibaba web business is known as but the website at the moment only invites merchants to sign up and set up, so consumers must wait a few days to ...

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Nanoparticles May Revolutionize Solar Cells

CQDsA team of techies in Toronto announced today their discovery of how to use fragile but solar sensitive nanoparticles to efficiently revolutionize solar cells and other applications.  The secret to making the new materials work involves reducing its size to incredibly small ‘colloidal quantum dots’ (CDQs).  As the material progresses through coming development phases, it may become the key to mass production and use of solar electricity.  Other applications include light sensing and flexible electronics.

The idea of colloidal quantum dots has been known for at least 18 years, and numerous studies have been published about their unique capacities.  http://www.nature...

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Nude Bicyclist Protest Pours on Portland

PortlandNudeBikersLast year about 8,000 nude bicyclists road through Portland, Oregon, USA, in June, and this past weekend the event reappeared for its 11th anniversay, although attendance numbers have not yet been tallied.  The Portland ride, with a police escort and traffic cops holding back traffic, was billed as a protest against the USA’s dependence on motor vehicles and the fuels they require.  Twenty other nations and 75 other US cities sponsor the same event, but Portland boasts that its event draws the largest number of participants.

What’s the point of riding as ‘bare as you dare’ ?  Apparently it demonstrates bike riders’ vulnerability to collisions, if one believes one of the Portland cyclists.  htt...

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CSIS Reports Cyber Crime on Rise

CSISonCyberCrimeLosses linked directly to cyber crime worldwide ranges from $375 Billion to $575 Billion, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).  The hardest hit include the biggest economies, United States of America, China, Japan, and Germany, with about $200 Billion a year.  In the USA, 15 percent of the population has lost personal information to hackers, according to the CSIS report.

The CSIS figures show that the Obama claims of over $1 Trillion are exaggerated. 

Whatever the most accurate number might...

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